Service Summary

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Core Services for Indivd (“Indivd Services”)

Indivd X” is a software that allows an organization to anonymize image data from cameras (surveillance cameras). The software, a neural network, receives images from a camera and transforms a seen image of a person into anonymous data. The anonymous data generated by the neural network does not contain any biometric or personal data. The system provides the capability to gather and send such anonymous data to calculate population statistics on anonymous data. The limited nature of the data collected only makes it possible to calculate solely non-personal population statistics, such as the average re-visitation frequency of all people in an area.

Indivd Platform” is a web-based service that allows an organization to store, backup, and get insights based on the anonymous data produced by Indivd X. It includes additional features such as graphs, dashboards, reports, alerts, data gatherings, visualizations of insights, analysis, and optimization, improved value creation, cloud storage, support.


Indivd Platform
Indivd Professional” is an edition of Indivd Services comprised of the Indivd X and Indivd Platform. Customers will receive an unlimited amount of users and 5 million data points. They will also get features to be able to gather data, all insights the platform provides, ability to analyze and optimize, improve value creation. All data will be stored in Indivd’s European cloud storage and they will get free support.

Version: 1.2
Date: 2021-06-18